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Kulizwe Lodge

Binga, compared to the town of Kariba, is a very quiet and beautiful destination on the southern banks of the lake. From Binga a dirt road runs east to Karoi. This road is only accessible with a 4x4 or a bigger SUV. The corrugated road is in rather bad condition in some places.

But why travel east if you can explore Lake Kariba from Kulizwe Lodge? From here you can go fishing. Your chances of catching a large tiger fish are almost guaranteed. The Mutusadona National Park starts just east of Binga. Here you will see all the large game that you would expect from an African safari destination.


The Location

Lake Kariba is in the Zambezi Valley, between Zimbabwe and Zambia, and is 280 km long. The town of Kariba is well-known as a tourist destination but very few people explore the southern banks of the lake. The tar road entering the area from the west runs for about 100 km south of the lake to where it ends at Binga.



Kulizwe Lodge is a family destination par excellence. Each self-catering (self-contained) unit is well-equipped. There are 4 beds in two rooms with a small kitchen just outside the units. The massive lawns and beautiful swimming pool will keep the children occupied. Sunset cruises on the lake might be just what mom and dad would like to do.




The sunset from Kulizwe Lodge is nothing short of spectacular. As the sun sets over the lake, refreshments are served and the evening camp fires glow in the dark. We look forward to welcoming you at Kulizwe Lodge and assure you that you don’t need to break the bank for your family holiday.

Kulizwe Lodge is at the main harbour in Binga. If you plan a houseboat (yacht) holiday, this is where you will depart from. It is an excellent option to spend a few nights with us before boarding your houseboat.